The Circuit Protection Specialists
Phone: 03 9521 6133

Phone: 03 9521 6133
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The Circuit Protection Specialists


Resettable fuses work like circuit breakers in electronic circuits. They automatically reset when the fault current is removed.
Fuses designed for printed circuit boards and small cartridge fuses.
Fuses commonly used in automotive applications such as cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, forklifts and low voltage DC applications.
Fuses and surge protection devices designed to protect photovoltaic systems.
Super Rapid or Very Fast Acting fuses designed to protect sensitive semiconductor components.
Fuses designed to protect industrial machines, wiring and power systems rated 250V or more.
Fuses designed to protect medium to high voltage equipment rated 1000V or more.
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" I have received the fuses and thanks for the prompt service. Will be using the site again when the need arises. "

Glen P
Received 1/8/18

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