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Phone: 03 9521 6133
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The Circuit Protection Specialists

BS88 Fuses with Centred Metal Tags - Dual Fixing

Size C1 (P11), 415VAC
Size C2 (R11), 550VAC/400VDC
Size C3, 550V to 660VAC/250VDC*
Size D1, 550VAC/250VDC*
Customer Feedback

" Thanks for awesome service and excellent follow-up. The person I spoke to at time of inquiry was really helpful and gave the correct information, I was impressed. The invoice came through within a couple of hours of me placing my order. The Toll courier tracking thing was easy enough. My order arrived in good condition this morning, ie within 48 hours of my placing the order. I'm very happy. Thanks so much and please continue to do a great job. "

Andrew S
Received 9/3/18

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