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Swe-Check would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous new year. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to working with you in the new year.

We will close: 12.30pm on Friday 21st December, 2018.
We will re-open: 8.30am on Monday 7th January, 2019.

Please Note: Our website will be available throughout the holiday closure, however web orders will NOT be processed until we re-open in 2019.

Swe-Check Fuse Bible 2018

NEW: 2019 Fuse Bible (21st Edition)

We are proud to announce the recent release of our new Fuse Bible product catalogue. This catalogue contains a huge range of fuses, fuse holders and accessories as well as a new range of Din Rail mount terminal blocks. We offer products for all types of applications including electronic, industrial and automotive.

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FSM Fuse Blocks

NEW: Standalone Fuse Blocks (FSM Series)

Our new range of fuse blocks are designed to accommodate a wide range of high speed and power fuses. The modular design enables easy mounting in panel boards. They are sold in pairs and are available in 3 different sizes;

• 1/4" stud, 700Vac/Vdc, 400A
• 3/8" stud, 700Vac/Vdc, 800A
• 1/2" stud, 1000Vac/Vdc, 1200A

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MFH Fuse Blocks

NEW: Modular Fuse Blocks (MFH Series)

These new fuse blocks are designed to accommodate a wide range of fuses. The modular design enables easy mounting in panel boards. Features include a clear plastic cover with 2-way hinge option. The blocks can be ganged together into multiple pole configurations. They are sold in pairs and are available in 4 different versions;

• 3/8" stud, 600Vac/Vdc, 600A
• 3/8" stud, 1500Vac/Vdc, 600A
• 1/2" stud, 600Vac/Vdc, 800A
• 1/2" stud, 1500Vac/Vdc, 800A

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Battery protection fuses (NH Blade Style)

NEW: Battery Protection Fuses

This new range of fuses are specially designed for the protection of battery storage and UPS systems. Battery fuses are designed to provide a greater level of short circuit protection when compared with a regular gG fuse. They are available in the following specifications;

• Ampere ratings: 20A to 630A
• NH Blade sizes: 000 to 3
• Voltage Ratings: 440 to 550 VDC

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Morsettitalia Din Rail Wiring Block

NEW: Wiring Terminal Blocks

These DIN rail mount terminal blocks are perfect for connecting different gauges of solid & stranded cables using simple screw down lugs. Optional jumpers allow power from a single input cable to be distributed across multiple blocks. Optional plastic marking tags provide the ability to label each block with a unique number.

• Wire Sizes: 0.5 to 10mm2
• Ampere Ratings: up to 41A
• Voltage Rating: 1000V

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60 Position Power Distribution Block

NEW: 60 Position Power Distribution Block

This sealed power distribution unit features 60 open positions with no internal bussing and a IP67/69K rating. It is perfect for low voltage DC applications ie. automotive and marine. Designed for use with 280 style components i.e. mini-fuses, relays, diodes, resistors, etc. Features include:

• Surface Mounting
• Internal storage for 8 spare fuses
• 30A max per terminal

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