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Swe-Check would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous new year. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to working with you in the new year.

We will close: 12.30pm on Monday 23rd December, 2019.
We will re-open: 8.30am on Monday 6th January, 2020.

Please Note: Our website will be available throughout the holiday closure, however web orders will NOT be processed until we re-open in 2020.

Coloured DIN rail terminal blocks

NEW: Wiring Terminal Blocks

Our new coloured DIN rail mount terminal blocks are perfect for connecting different gauges of solid & stranded cables using simple screw down lugs. Originally in grey, we now offer options of blue (DC control) and yellow/green (Earth). Optional fittings include multi-pole jumpers and ID tags.

• Wire Sizes: 0.5 to 6mm2
• Ampere Ratings: up to 41A
• Voltage Rating: 1000V

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12 way fuse panel with grounding pad

NEW: 12 Way Fuse Panel with Ground

This panel can be used to provide fuse protected power to 12 seperate circuits from a single positive common input stud. In addition, this panel includes a 12 way grounding panel with a negative common stud to complete each circuit. The included clear insulating cover provides storage for two spare fuses and features an easy to open push button yellow latch.

• Fits Standard Auto Blade Fuse
• Max Rating: 100A for unit
• Ampere Rating: 30A per circuit
• Voltage Rating: 32VDC

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Sealed Fuse Blocks (MIDI/MEGA)

NEW: Sealed Fuse Blocks

These high amperage fuse blocks are available for Midi or Mega fuses and feature sealed positive latching technology to form a water resistant and ignition protected assembly. The cover is secured to the base using a built in tether. The base features thru-hole mounting. Both versions of this holder are the same physical size.

• Blocks to suit Midifuse or Megafuse
• IP Rating: IP6K9K and IP66
• Ignition Protected
• Voltage Rating: 60VDC

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6 Pole Fuse Block for Midi and Mega Fuses

NEW: Sealed 6 Pole Fuse Block

Power up to 6 fuse protected circuits using this sealed fuse block. Power is distributed via a single common input. The block will fit up to 4 x Midi fuses and 2 x Mega fuses.

• IP Rating: IP66
• Max Total Current: 240A
• Voltage Rating: 32VDC

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Master switch range

NEW: Master Battery Disconnect Switches

These battery switches are designed to isolate the battery(s) and eliminates battery drain when vehicle is stored overnight or for longer periods. Electrically cuts off battery power for safety or when the vehicle is being serviced.

• Single or Double Pole
• Ampere Ratings: 300A to 600A
• Voltage Rating: 32VDC

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High amp circuit breakers

NEW: High Amp Circuit Breakers

We have added two new high ampere circuit breakers (225A & 250A) to our existing range of panel mount manual reset breakers.

• Ampere Ratings: 25A to 250A
• Manual Reset
• Voltage Rating: 14VDC

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300 piece blade fuse assortment

NEW: 300 Piece Blade Fuse Assortment Kit

This new assortment kit contains a selection of the most popular ratings for 3 different styles of blade fuse.

• Low Profile Mini Fuse
• Mini Fuse
• Auto Fuse

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Indicating Blade Fuse Kits

NEW: Indicating Blade Fuse Kits

We now offer two different 16 piece fuse assortment kits that contain LED indicating fuses. A blown fuse glows making it easy to locate and replace.

Indicating Mini Fuse Kit (MIND-KIT2
Indicating Auto Fuse Kit (ATFD-KIT2)
• Most popular ratings

Each kit includes 2 pieces of each rating and a bonus fuse insertion/extraction tool.

Colour coded circuit breaker labels

NEW: Colour Coded Circuit Breaker Labels

Our Mechanical Products Series 32 circuit breakers now feature a colour-coded label with the ampere rating marked on top of the breaker for convenient identification. Colour coded labels help to reduce errors when replacing a breaker.

• Different colour label for each ampere rating
• Ampere Rating printed on label
• Easy identification of an installed breaker

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