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Pay by Credit Card

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Pay for an order via our secure credit card payment facility.

Important Information!
Your credit card will NOT be charged or verified through the website. Your credit card information will be encrypted and sent to our accounts team for processing using our eftpos machine as described at the bottom of this page.

Please double-check your credit card information is correct to avoid delays.

Fields marked with an asterisk* must have a value.

Website Payment Code

The payment code is printed on the bottom of the Swe-Check Proforma Invoice you were sent.

Credit Card Details
eg. 7/2024
Payment Comments (optional)
Captcha Verification

The Captcha code ensures that the information on this page is entered by a person.

All information will be automatically saved when you click the continute button and is treated as confidential. We DO NOT distribute or sell your information to other companies.

Secure Payments Explained

How does the payment system work?
Once all fields have been completed and you click the 'continue' button, your browser will encrypt your credit card information before sending it over the internet to our web server. Our web server will then send an encrypted e-mail containing your credit card information to our accounts staff who will the decrypt and process your payment through our EFTPOS machine. A copy of the printed credit card receipt is included with the goods.

Why cant I just send my credit card details in an e-mail?
You should NEVER include your credit card details (or any sensitive information) in an e-mail. The reason being that your e-mail is forwarded via multiple computers on a public network before it finally reaches our mail server. Each computer that handles your email has the capability to store and read the contents of your email.

How do we protect your credit card details?
1. You will notice the SSL padlock symbol on your browser. This indicates that all the information you enter on the form is being encrypted by your web browser before being sent through the (public) internet to our web server. This ensures that any of the computers involved in the exchange of information from your computer to our web server, are unable to read that information.

2. We do not store your credit card details on our web server. Thereby reducing the risk of hackers or web server administrators obtaining your credit card details.

3. All credit card details are encrypted using a strong encryption algorithm with a unique key before being emailed to our accounts staff.

Customer Feedback

" Everything was great thanks. "

Paul M
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