The Circuit Protection Specialists

The Circuit Protection Specialists

Circuit Protection Library

This page contains a selection of documents designed to provide detailed product or application information.

Datasheet image Understanding Relays
• What they are used for and how they work.
• Sample wiring diagrams for a relay.
Datasheet image Photovoltaic System Protection Overview
• Selecting the right circuit protection products for each stage of a solar power generation system.
Datasheet image Circuit Protection for Solar Installations
• How solar power is generated and why circuit protection is required for solar panel installations.
Datasheet image Selecting a Fuse to Protect your Cable
• How to match wire gauge to a fuse based on cable type and ambient temperature.
Datasheet image Understanding Overcurrent Circuit Protection
• Types of overcurrent and selecting the correct fuse rating.
• How ambient temperature affects fuse rating selection.
Datasheet image Understanding Resettable Fuses (PTC´s)
• How resettable fuses work.
• Trip current, hold current & thermal de-rating.
Datasheet image Understanding Thermal Fuses / Thermal Cutoffs
• How a thermal fuse works.
• Explanation of the various temperature specifications.
Datasheet image Understanding Thermal Circuit Breakers
• How thermal circuit breakers work.
• SAE definitions for automotive Type I, II ,III breakers.
Datasheet image Ingress Protection (IP) Ratings Chart
• Protection from solids.
• Protection from water.
Datasheet image Semiconductor Fuse Protection (aR vs gR)
• What is the difference between aR (partial range) and gR (full range) protection?
Datasheet image IEC Utilisation Category Listing
• For low voltage switchgear and control gear.
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