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Fuse Markings

Markings on Electronic Cartridge Fuses
Electronic cartridge fuse markings
Table 1. Fuse Element Speed Markings
Marking Fuse Element Speed
FF Very Fast Acting (Flink Flink)
F Fast Acting (Flink)
M Medium Acting (Mitteltrage)
T Slow Acting (Trage)
TT Very Slow Acting (Trage Trage)
Table 2. Fuse Breaking Capacity Markings
Marking Fuse Breaking Capacity
H High Breaking Capacity
L Low Breaking Capacity

Note: Many small cartridge fuses will have additional markings stamped on the end caps.
These are usually either; a series number, a part number, or product approval markings (refer table 3 below).
If you are unable to identify the fuse, please contact us.

Table 3. Quality & Approval Markings on the fuse cap
Marking International Standard
Canadian Standards Assocation (CSA) Canadian Standards Assocation (CSA)
Equipment complies with Council of the European Union (CE) Equipment complies with Council of the European Union (CE)
International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)
Technischer Uberwachungs-Verien (Germany - TUV) Technischer Uberwachungs-Verien (Germany - TUV)
Underwriters Laboratories (Listed - USA) Underwriters Laboratories (Listed - USA)
etc. View more product approval markings

Markings on Industrial Fuses
industrial fuses picture1
industrial fuses picture2

As these fuses are larger in size, there is usually a lot more information printed on the fuse body.
This information that is likely to be found on the fuse is summarised in the following table.

Common Markings on Industrial Fuses
Fuse Marking Example More Information
Manufacturer / Brand: Bussmann View all the brands we sell
Part number / Series: NSD20 Search for fuses using part numbers or keywords
Ampere Rating: 20 A Search for fuses by ampere rating
Interrupting Rating: 80 kA Explanation of Interrupting Rating
Voltage: 550 Vac Search for fuses by voltage
Element Speed: gG/gL Learn about fuse speed markings
Approvals or Standards: BS88 View all approval markings
Fuse Dimensions (Cartridge fuses): 10 x 38 (mm) Search for fuses using dimensions

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View all fuse tutorials.
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