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Littelfuse MEGA Fuse (298 / AMG Fuses)

Slow Acting 32VDC

Littelfuse MEGA Fuse (298 / AMG Fuses)

MEG060 pictured.

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MEG040 FUSE MEGA 40A 32VDC CENTRE TAG   AU$ 15.02 1 111
MEG060 FUSE MEGA 60A 32VDC CENTRE TAG   AU$ 11.88 1 467
MEG080 FUSE MEGA 80A 32VDC CENTRE TAG   AU$ 9.57 1 469
MEG100 FUSE MEGA 100A 32VDC CENTRE TAG   AU$ 9.57 1 968
MEG125 FUSE MEGA 125A 32VDC CENTRE TAG   AU$ 9.57 1 479
MEG150 FUSE MEGA 150A 32VDC CENTRE TAG   AU$ 9.57 1 728
MEG175 FUSE MEGA 175A 32VDC CENTRE TAG   AU$ 9.57 1 376
MEG200 FUSE MEGA 200A 32VDC CENTRE TAG   AU$ 9.57 1 1151
MEG225 FUSE MEGA 225A 32VDC CENTRE TAG   AU$ 9.57 1 680
MEG250 FUSE MEGA 250A 32VDC CENTRE TAG   AU$ 9.57 1 1010
MEG300 FUSE MEGA 300A 32VDC CENTRE TAG   AU$ 9.57 1 555
MEG350 FUSE MEGA 350A 32VDC CENTRE TAG   AU$ 14.69 1 164
MEG400 FUSE MEGA 400A 32VDC CENTRE TAG   AU$ 14.69 1 179
MEG450 FUSE MEGA 450A 32VDC CENTRE TAG   AU$ 14.69 1 187
MEG500 FUSE MEGA 500A 32VDC CENTRE TAG   AU$ 14.69 1 323

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" The package arrived very quickly, I am very happy with the product. However, to be honest, I would have preferred a slower low cost postage option. I am only tinkering with my personal car, not a business, so paying half of the total cost in postage and then copping a surcharge to make the $30 minimum order was something I did very reluctantly. I spent a lot of time on your website trying to find something else to buy at the same time so I could save on shipping and not cop a minimum order surcharge but there was nothing I really need right now. "

Chris H
Received 14/6/19

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