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Related Products for MTA MAXI F800 Terminals

MTA 01005 Fuse Holder for MAX/MAXI fuses

36A max* Holder kit (splash proof).

MTA 01600 Module for ATO/ATC fuses & Maxi/MAX Fuses

6 x Auto fuse & 3 x Maxi fuse module with loose terminals.

MTA 01470 Module for Maxi/MAX Fuses, Common Feed

6 x Maxi fuse (single power feed) module with loose terminals.

MTA 00710 Battery Mounted Power Distribution Unit

10 x Output Circuits
Fits 8 Maxi fuses & 2 Midi fuses
Customer Feedback

" I am very happy with the products, everything was as expected the the customer service was excellent. I will definitely look to purchase though your products again when the need arises. "

Byron W
Received 10/10/22

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