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Assorted Automotive Fuse Kits

We sell a variety of fuse kits that contain different types of automotive fuses and ampere ratings. Perfect for anyone who likes to have a variety of spare fuses on hand including resellers and service centres etc. Like all our products, our kits contain only OEM approved genuine parts to offer the ultimate protection for your vehicle.

MCase Fuse Kit
50 piece MCase fuse assortment
JCase Fuse Kit
40 piece JCase fuse assortment
Maxi & Auto Fuse Link Kit
36 piece Maxi, JCase, ASF and BTF fuse assortment
MRBF Fuse Kit
28 piece Marine Rated Battery Fuse 58VDC
MIDI 32V Fuse Kit
20 piece Midi fuse 32VDC
MIDI 32V Fuse Kit
40 piece Midi fuse 32VDC
MEGA Fuse Kit 32V
20 piece Mega fuse assortment 32VDC
MEGA Fuse Kit 32V
24 piece Mega fuse assortment 32VDC
5 tray fuse kit assortment
10 tray fuse kit assortment

Customer Feedback

" I received the goods very promptly and they were perfect and well priced for what I required. Thank you for your great service "

Mark W
Received 3/7/20

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