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Fuse Disconnect Switches for 20 x 127mm Fuses

We sell fuse disconnect switches. These fuse holders provide a dual function of both fuse protection and circuit switching (for nominal currents). The fuse is fitted into the fuse disconnect switch holder and a lever is used to engage the fuse into the electrical contacts. The fuse disconnect switch is then connected to a circuit using 2 external cables from the unit. When the holder is opened, the fuse is pulled out of the circuit resulting in the circuit being deactivated. This holder is designed to be screw mounted and provides for an easily replaceable fuse. These holders are suitable for 20 x 127mm fuses. We sell a wide range of 20 x 127mm fuses to suit.

Customer Feedback

" Goods were picked up from your warehouse in good time. Thanks for the service. I will be sure to utilise your services when I require similar items. "

Mark E
Received 6/9/21

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