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Micro3 Fuses

We sell Micro3 fuses which feature a dual fuse circuit in a single small package. The middle leg of the fuse is the power feed for the fuse and each of the 2 outer legs is a seperately fused output. This fuse features the same improved opening characteristics and reduced footprint and weight of the Micro2 fuse. It could also feature an added benefit if only 1 of the 2 circuits is used ie. if the fuse blows, it can be rotated and re-inserted to use the remaining good fuse element. Typically both elements of the fuse are utilized and once one of the fuse elements is blown, the fuse must be replaced.

Micro3 Fuse Kit Assortment 4 pieces

Micro3 Fuse Assortment Pack
4 piece Micro3 fuse assortment 32VDC

Micro2 & Micro3 Fuse Kit Assortment 55 pieces

Micro2 & Micro3 Assortment Kit
55 piece Micro2 & Micro3 fuse assortment 32VDC

Automotive Micro Fuse 16 piece assortment

Micro Fuse Assortment
16 piece Micro2, Micro3 & MCase fuses

Automotive Micro Fuse Kit 136 piece assortment

Complete Micro Fuse Kit
136 piece Micro2, Micro3 & MCase fuses

Customer Feedback

" They arrived on time and safety. I have already installed the thermal fuse and it has been working as expected. "

Brenton D
Received 21/9/21

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