The Circuit Protection Specialists
Phone: 03 9521 6133

Phone: 03 9521 6133
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The Circuit Protection Specialists

Product Range

Looking for fuses, fuse holders, automotive circuit breakers or automotive power distribution units. We specialise in circuit protection components for all industries and power distribution units for cars, trucks, 4wds, buses and boats. Quality products, globally recognised brands, low prices and fast service. Check out our large range of products:


We stock a huge variety of fuses to suit all types of applications such as electronic, automotive, semiconductor, solar & industrial circuit protection.

Fuse Holders

Swe-Check stock a large range of fuse holders such as fuse blocks & bases, fuse carriers, fuse clips, in-line fuse holders & fuse switch disonnectors to suit almost any application.

Circuit Breakers

Our circuit breaker range covers low voltage AC & DC applications including automotive bladed breakers, panel mount and surface mount breakers with manual or automatic reset.

Relays & Flashers

We stock a range of automotive relays for use in 12 or 24 Vdc circuits. Options include normally open (SPST) and crossover (SPDT). Available in either standard or ISO 280 style terminals. Our flasher relays are suitable for either standard or LED lights.

Power Distribution

Swe-Check offer a large range of automotive power distribution units for fuses, relays & circuit breakers including battery mounted PDMs and terminal blocks.


We sell an assortment of accessories that suit our products including terminals, cable seals, crimping tools, fuse activated microswitches, fuse pullers, fuse testers and terminal tools.

Product Catalogues

The Fuse Bible
  • SMD & PCB Fuses
  • Cartridge Fuses
  • Ultra Fast Fuses
  • Industrial Fuses
  • Medium Voltage Fuses
  • Holders & Accessories
  • Fuses
  • Breakers
  • Relays
  • Holders
  • Power Distribution
  • Junction Blocks
Product Tutorials
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  • Fuses
  • Relays
  • Cable Selection
  • Solar Power
  • Circuit Breakers

Customer Feedback

" Everything was absolutely spot on. I am only a hobbyist these days, so will not have a high need for your products, but if I need that line of products it will be purchased from Swe-check for sure. Many years ago before I retired I was engaged in an (electrical) supervisory role in the coal mining industry, your service was great then as well. I can still remember the Fuse Bible you gave me. I only just stumbled onto you while searching the internet, you may want to look at ways of improving you Google search profile, is the only suggestion I could make. All in all, the overall service experience exceeded my expectations. "

Peter E
Received 7/11/18

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