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Phone: 03 9521 6133
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The Circuit Protection Specialists

The Fuse Bible (2016 - 2017)

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  • Quick Index:
  • Page 5: Electronic Fuses
  • Page 25: Automotive Fuses
  • Page 25: Circuit Breakers
  • Page 31: Semiconductor Fuses
  • Page 34: Solar PV Fuses
  • Page 67: Industrial Fuses
  • Page 103: Medium Voltage Fuses
  • Page 111: Fuse Holders
  • Page 144: Terminal Blocks
  • Page 147: Fuse Accessories

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This brand new edition offers the latest circuit protection products from manufacturers around the globe. This compact yet extensive catalogue includes thousands of product specifications.

What's new?
  • Battery protection fuses (NH Sizes 1 to 3).
  • Expanded line up of semiconductor fuses (aR & gR)
  • DIN rail mounted fuse holders.
  • Terminal blocks (Fused and non-fused).
  • Miniature circuit breakers (240Vac & 415Vac).
  • Safety switches (RCD / RCCB / RCBO's).
  • PV fuses & PV surge protection.
  • Expanded range of medium voltage fuses.
  • Revised schematics and illustrations.
  • The latest technical specifications.
Fuses are grouped into the following five categories / applications;
  • Electronic Fuses & PTC's: surface mount, pcb mount, thermal & cartridge fuses, fuse kits.
  • Automotive Fuses: blade fuses, fusible links, bolt-down & lift truck fuses, circuit breakers.
  • Semiconductor Fuses: cartridge fuses, bolt-down & threaded fuses, bottle & PV fuses.
  • Industrial Fuses: cartridge, bottle, blade, British Standard, USA Standard, marine fuses.
  • Medium Voltage Fuses: voltage transformer, British & German Standard & Back-up fuses.
Fuse holders and fuse accessories are included in the final two sections;
  • Fuse Holders: fuse clips, pcb, panel mount & in-line holders, blocks, bases & carriers.
  • Fuse Accessories: fuse pullers, testers, extension caps, trigger indicators & microswitches.

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