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Blade Circuit Breakers

Learn more about Blade Type Circuit Breakers.

As you can see in the image below, the metal terminals of blade type circuit breakers are the same size as the comparable fuse. The terminal sizing is as follows;
  • Mini blade fuse (2.8mm wide terminals)
  • ATO/ATC blade fuse (5mm wide terminals)
  • Maxi blade fuse (8.1mm wide terminals)
blade fuse vs blade circuit breaker comparison

Because the circuit breakers have the same terminal size as the fuse, these circuit breakers are compatible with a wide variety of standard blade fuse holders. There is also the possibility of substituting an existing fuse with a circuit breaker if clearance allows. The advantage of using a circuit breaker is that it can be reset after a fault occurs, where a blown fuse must be replaced.

Blade type circuit breakers can typically be ordered with different reset options;
  • Automatic Reset - Once tripped, the circuit breaker cycles or continuously resets until the fault is corrected.
  • Modified Reset - Once tripped, the circuit breaker resets when power is turned off.
  • Manual Reset - Once tripped, the circuit breaker must be manually reset by pressing a button on the breaker.
The voltage rating of a circuit breaker is the maximum voltage the circuit breaker can be safely used, so it can be used at lower voltages as well. eg. A 14vdc rated circuit breaker is designed for use in vehicles operating with a 12vdc battery system.

Our range of blade type circuit breakers are designed and manufactured by world leading manufacturers such as Eaton Bussmann whom supply and design circuit protection products for OEM car manufacturers. We recommend you only use products made by reputable brands in your vehicle to protect your vehicle warranty.

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