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PEC Automotive Fuses

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Swe-Check is an authorised distributor of PEC products.

Shop our range of Pacific Engineering Corporation (PEC) products online. We stock a range of PEC fuses, fuse pullers and more.

Established in 1961, Pacific Engineering Corporation can be broadly divided into two divisions.

1. The automotive circuit protection division, which primarily produces the various fuses installed in automobiles for automotive harness makers. With an overwhelming first place domestic share of 86%, PEC also competes for the top global position with more than one third of total worldwide market share. (Based on their 2012 research)

2. The precision metal forming division, which mainly does business with home appliance manufacturers. PEC receives orders to design forms and produce high quality parts for home electronics we use everyday such as LCD and plasma televisions, next-generation game consoles and cell phones.

As a leading automotive fuse supplier to automotive and harness manufacturers, PEC supply high quality technology products to a global market.

We sell the following product ranges supplied by PEC.

Customer Feedback

" Everything arrived safely and quickly.

Overall I had a fantastic buying experience. Your website was easy to use and make payment on and then after I placed the order one of your team actually called to check that I had got the order correct.

I bought terminals, so they wanted to check that I knew they didn't come with a plug. That is the first time with online shopping that anyone has ever taken the time to actually look at one of my orders and then make the effort to call and confirm the order.

That was next level customer service ! Thanks to you and the team for a great buying experience "

Clint M
Received 20/12/22

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