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Phone: 03 9521 6133
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The Circuit Protection Specialists


Buy your fuses online with Swe-Check. We stock a huge variety of fuses to suit all types of applications.

We sell electronic fuses, hrc fuses, blade fuses, car fuses, ultra rapid fuses, semiconductor fuses, solar fuses, medium voltage fuses, surge protection devices, pv fuses and more.

With thousands of products in stock, we are confident we have the right fuse for you!

Resettable fuses work like circuit breakers in electronic circuits. They automatically reset when the fault current is removed.
Fuses designed for printed circuit boards and small cartridge fuses.
We offer a wide range of automotive fuses, commonly used in automotive applications such as cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, forklifts and low voltage DC applications.

Automotive fuses, also known as car fuses protect the electronics in a vehicle from short circuit or overcurrent which is vital to safeguard passengers and drivers.
Fuses and surge protection devices designed to protect photovoltaic systems. Types include gPV & PV.
Super Rapid or Very Fast Acting fuses designed to protect sensitive semiconductor components. Types include aR, gR & gS.
We stock a wide range of Industrial fuses for a variety of applications.

Our industrial fuses are designed to protect machines, wiring and power systems generally rated 250V or more. We stock short circuit protection fuses (also known as partial range fuses) in various speeds such as gG, gL & aM. We also sell high breaking capacity fuses and fuses for use in motor circuits.
Fuses designed to protect medium to high voltage equipment rated 1000V or more.
What do fuses do?

The purpose of fuses, broadly speaking, is to protect the electrical circuits and cables in your equipment from damage when excessive electrical current (called overloading or overcurrent) is present in the circuit. Fuses are designed as an effective safety device protecting against an overflow of electrical current.

If too much current flows through a device, the fuse is designed to blow which effectively stops the flow of electricity through the circuit. Imagine the fuse as a bridge, and so once the fuse blows, the bridge no longer exists, thereby stopping the flow of electricity in the circuit thereby protecting wiring and components in the circuit.

Replacing a blown fuse.

Once a fuse has blown, it must be replaced. Fortunately, fuses are much easier, and cheaper to replace compared with other components in the circuit or the device itself. If there was no fuse present in your device, a surge in current could damage components and/or wiring in your device. In addition, there could be a chance of personal injury or fire.

Shop our range of fuses online.

Our fuses are competitively priced and it is easy to order online with Swe-Check. We offer a huge range of fuses. Please view our range of fuses to find the fuse you're looking for.

If you aren't sure what fuse you'll need or unable to find the fuse you are searching for, please contact our friendly staff for assistance.
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