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Phone: 03 9521 6133
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The Circuit Protection Specialists

Prolec Catalogue (5th Edition)

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  • Quick Index:
  • Page 13: Fuses
  • Page 38: Fuse Kits
  • Page 45: Circuit Breakers & PTCs
  • Page 63: Fuse Holders
  • Page 99: Power Distribution
  • Page 128: Switch & Circuit Breaker Panels
  • Page 133: Junction & Wiring Blocks
  • Page 140: Relays & Flashers
  • Page 144: Terminal Crimp & Extractor Tools

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This new Automotive circuit protection catalogue has a wide range of products designed for automotive applications. You will find many NEW products not currently featured in our 'Fuse Bible' catalogue. These products are sourced from quality fuse manufacturers around the globe.

Expect to find..
  • Over 300 new product stock lines.
  • New product indexes & selection charts.
  • New circuit breakers from Mechanical Products.
  • New fuse types, fuse kits & holders.
  • New range of Electric Vehicle fuses.
  • New power distribution units & kits.
  • New junction blocks and busbars.
  • New switch & breaker panels.
  • The latest LED flasher relays.

This extensive catalogue contains 152 pages of circuit protection products classified into these handy sections; Fuses & Fuse Kits, Circuit Breakers & Resettables (PTC's), Fuse Holders & Power Distribution Products.

Customer Feedback

" Everything arrived promptly, Service was excellent. You would not believe the difficulty I have had trying to track these fuses down. They are fitted Mk2 PX rangers now and Ford have been unable to supply them to me. Thankyou. "

Ben H
Received 17/2/17

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