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Circuit Breakers

A circuit breaker has a switching mechanism that is activated when unsafe levels of current flows through the circuit. Unlike a fuse, a circuit breaker can be used multiple times.

We stock circuit breakers designed for low voltage AC & DC applications including automotive bladed breakers, DIN rail mount circuit breakers, panel mount circuit breakers, and surface mount circuit breakers with manual or automatic reset.

Circuit breakers designed to match the footprint of standard Mini, Auto and Maxi blade automotive fuses.
Circuit breakers designed for mounting into a dash or panel.
Circuit breakers designed for fixing to a panel.
These holders are designed for automotive circuit breakers.
Circuit breakers designed to be fitted to a DIN rail.
What do circuit breakers do?

A circuit breaker is designed to protect an electrical circuit from an overload or short circuit. The circuit breaker protects your electrical devices by interrupting the flow of current when an overload is detected.

Should I buy a circuit breaker or a fuse?

If you're considering whether you should buy a fuse or a circuit breaker, there are a few key differences. A fuse contains a metal element that melts down when there is an excessive flow of electrical current. Once that happens, a fuse must be replaced. A circuit breaker features a switching mechanism that can be either manually or automatically reset once the electrical fault is fixed.

Circuit breakers can be reset and reused multiple times, unlike fuses that must be replaced once they are blown. Fuses however can open the circuit at much faster speeds than a circuit breaker making them suitable for any circuit protection requirement. Circuit breakers, being slower to open the circuit, can only be used in specific applications.

Buying circuit breakers.

View our range to find the circuit breaker you are looking for. If you're unsure on which circuit breaker that you'll need, or you are not able to find it on our website please contact our friendly staff for assistance.
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