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Fuse Holders

Browse our range and buy fuse holders, fuse carriers, blade fuse holders, fuse clips, in-line fuse holders, ceramic fuse holders & fuse switch disconnectors to suit almost any application.

Some fuse blocks & bases can be ganged together to create a single block with multiple fuse circuits. We also sell a range of bussed fuse holders that utilise an internal bus to distribute power from a single input to each fuse circuit in the holder.

Fuse clips designed for soldering into a printed circuit board or screw mounting to a panel.
Fuse holders designed for soldering into a printed circuit board.
Fuse holders designed for mounting into a dash or panel.
Fuse holders designed for in-line connection with wiring. Screw, panel mount or zip tie fixing options.
Create a new circuit by tapping power from an existing fuse. 3 circuit battery tap also available.
Fuse holders designed for screw mounting to a panel.
Fully enclosed fuse holders designed for DIN rail mounting. Some models provide screw fixing.
Fully enclosed holder that disconnects fuse(s) from live terminals when it is opened. Din rail or screw mounting options.
What is a fuse holder?

A fuse holder is designed to hold a fuse. They come in a wide variety of styles, each to suit a specific fuse. Fuse holders also vary depending on how they are to be mounted or attached. It is important to ensure the electrical rating (amps & volts) of the fuse holder is suitable for the fuse.

We sell fuse holders, fuse blocks, fuse clips and panel mount fuse holders.

Fuse Clips

Fuse clips are an alternative to fuse blocks, and can be soldered into a printed circuit board or screw mounted to a panel. Because fuse clips are relatively inexpensive, they are an appealing alternative to PC-Board mount fuse holders.

Fuse Blocks & Bases

A fuse block or fuse base is a type of fuse holder that is designed to be fixed to a panel by way of screws or bolts. Some fuse blocks can be joined together to create multiple poles to provide fuse protected electrical power to subsidiary circuits in an electrical supply system. There are a wide range of fuse blocks available, each block is designed to suit a specific style of fuse.
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