Circuit Protection and Power Distribution
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Product Editorials

Our product editorials are designed to provide more information on our extensive range of products.


This guide explains eveything you need to know about fuses including explanation of the different types, how to find the right fuse, fuse manufacturers as well as finding and testing fuses.

NH Fuses

NH Fuses
This guide explains eveything you need to know about NH fuses including suitable applications, explanation of the fuse markings & speeds and how to extract an NH fuse.

NH Fuse Holders

NH Fuse Holders
Learn about the different types of NH fuse holders available including Nh fuse bases and NH Disconnect Switches.

HRC Fuses

Learn About HRC Fuses
Learn about what HRC Fuses are and their key design features. Along with the different types available.

EV Fuses

Understanding Electric Vehicle Fuse Applications
Learn about fuses designed for electric vehicles and charging stations.

EV Fuses

Fuse Selection for Electric Vehicles
This guide covers the many factors that need to be considered when selecting fuses for electric vehicles.

Blade fuse size guide

Blade Fuse Size Guide
Learn about the many different sizes of automotive blade fuses currently on the market.

Blade fuse size guide

How to Identify Automotive Fuses
Learn about some of the common automotive fuses you are likely to find in your vehicle.

ISO mini 4 pin relay

Understanding Relays
Learn about how relays work, why they are used and some of the different types of relays.

Semiconductor Fuse Classes

Semiconductor Fuse Class Comparison
Understanding the differences between ultra rapid fuse class markings of aR, gR & gS.

Thermal fuse image

Understanding Thermal Fuses / Thermal Cutoffs
How a thermal fuse works including an explanation of the various temperature specifications.

Thermal Circuit Breakers

Understanding Thermal Circuit Breakers
How thermal circuit breakers work including SAE definitions for automotive Type I, II ,III breakers.

Datasheet image

Photovoltaic System Protection Overview
Selecting the right circuit protection products for each stage of a solar power generation system.

Datasheet image

Circuit Protection for Solar Installations
How solar power is generated and why circuit protection is required for solar panel installations.

Datasheet image

Selecting a Fuse to Protect your Cable
How to match wire gauge to a fuse based on cable type and ambient temperature.

Datasheet image

Understanding Overcurrent Circuit Protection
Explanation of the types of overcurrent, selecting the correct fuse rating and how ambient temperature affects fuse rating selection.

Datasheet image

Understanding Resettable Fuses (PTC´s)
How resettable fuses work with explanations of trip current, hold current & thermal de-rating.

Datasheet image

Ingress Protection (IP) Ratings Chart
Explanation of the ingress protection ratings including protection from solids and protection from water.

Datasheet image

IEC Utilisation Category Listing
This is a comprehensive listing of IEC Utilisation categories for low voltage switchgear and control gear.

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