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DF, S.A. was created in the 1980s as a result of the concern of a group of professionals in the electrical sector. What started out as a small project was affected by two events at the beginning of the 1990s which turned DF ELECTRIC into the company as we know it today;
1. First-time attendance at an electrical material fair as exhibitor (MATELEC 1992).
2. Installation of the first completely automated production line.

From then on, participation by DF ELECTRIC at international fairs has increased in proportion to growth of the company itself. DF currently attends the major trade fairs across the five continents, 85% being export market events, thus maintaining the spirit that has characterised it throughout its history. As well as exhibiting at these fairs, constant investment of resources in automation and modernisation of production lines is what has differentiated DF ELECTRIC from its competitors, as few companies of our size have developed their own manufacturing technology.

This entrepreneurial spirit is reflected in all areas of the company. Throughout DF ELECTRIC’s history we have incorporated all the departments required to maintain our commitment to clients. These departments include export, quality, marketing, etc.

These features have made DF ELECTRIC what it is today. Its most notable figures for 2011 are the following:
• Workforce of over 100 people.
• Presence in over 60 countries.
• Annual manufacturing of over 50 million units.
• 100% checking of products manufactured.

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" Everything was excellent.... picked up that I accidently ordered the more expensive item which was not suitable, quickly called and sorted it out, and parts arrived the next day. Can not complain one bit. "

Leon M
Received 26/4/19

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