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Swe-Check sell fuses, fuse holders, automotive circuit breakers or automotive power distribution units. We specialise in circuit protection components for all industries and power distribution units for cars, trucks, 4wds, buses and boats. Quality products, globally recognised brands, low prices and fast service. Check out our large range of products:

Fuses Fuses
Buy your fuses online with Swe-Check. We stock a huge variety of fuses that can be used to protect your electrical circuits.

We sell electronic fuses, blade fuses (ATC/ATO), car fuses, ultra rapid fuses, semiconductor fuses, solar fuses, medium voltage fuses, surge protection devices, pv fuses and more.

With thousands of fuses in stock, whether you need low voltage AC fuse, or a high voltage HRC fuse we are confident you'll find what you need!
Shop Cartridge Fuses, ATC/ATO, Blade, Ceramic, Midi and much more.
Fuse Holders Fuse Holders
Browse our range and buy fuse holders, fuse carriers, blade fuse holders, fuse clips, in-line fuse holders, ceramic fuse holders & fuse switch disconnectors to suit almost any application.

Some fuse blocks & bases can be ganged together to create a single block with multiple fuse circuits. We also sell a range of bussed fuse holders that utilise an internal bus to distribute power from a single input to each fuse circuit in the holder.
Shop Fuse Holders, Fuse Blocks, Clips and more.
Circuit Breakers Circuit Breakers
A circuit breaker has a switching mechanism that is activated when unsafe levels of current flows through the circuit. Unlike a fuse, a circuit breaker can be used multiple times.

We stock circuit breakers designed for low voltage AC & DC applications including automotive bladed breakers, DIN rail mount circuit breakers, panel mount circuit breakers, and surface mount circuit breakers with manual or automatic reset.
Shop Low Voltage Circuit Breakers for AC/DC Applications and more.
Automotive Relays & Relay Holders Automotive Relays & Relay Holders
We stock a range of automotive relays for use in 12 or 24 Vdc circuits eg. cars, trucks, buses and boats. Options include normally open (SPST) and crossover (SPDT). Available in either standard or ISO 280 style terminals. Our flasher relays are suitable for either standard or LED lights.
Shop Automotive Relays, Flashers and Holders for Cars, Boats and Trucks.
Power Distribution Units & Fuse Relay Box Power Distribution Units & Fuse Relay Box
Swe-Check offer a large range of automotive power distribution units for fuses, relays & circuit breakers including battery mounted PDMs and terminal blocks.
Shop Automotive Fuse Boxes, Wiring or Relay Blocks, Circuit Breaker Panels and more.
Junction Blocks & Terminal Blocks Junction Blocks & Terminal Blocks
Swe-Check sell junction blocks and DIN rail mounted terminal blocks for connecting cables in an organised and effecient manner. Durable and well featured designs.
Shop Junction blocks and DIN rail mounted terminal wiring blocks.
Switches & Switch Panels Switches & Switch Panels
We sell a variety of switches including single or double pole Battery Disconnect Switches that are designed to handle currents up to 600A in circuits up to 48Vdc*. Perfect for cars, trucks, buses and boats. We also offer a variety of custom switch panels with optional circuit breaker protection.
Battery disconnect switches, switches for accessory circuits and switch panels.
Fuse Tools, Pullers & Accessories Fuse Tools, Pullers & Accessories
We sell an assortment of circuit protection accessories that suit our products including terminals, cable seals, crimping tools, fuse activated microswitches, fuse pullers, fuse testers and terminal tools.
Shop Circuit Protection Accessories.
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" Thanks, very happy with product, price and service. Well packed, despatched quickly and I was kept informed. What more can one ask for. Thanks and Regards. "

Doug M
Received 1/7/20

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