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Fuse Basics

A fuse is a circuit protection device that is designed to blow when too much current flows through it. When the fuse blows it interrupts the flow of current through the circuit. Fuses are an essential component in an electrical system to limit threats to human life and property damage. Once a fuse is blown it must be replaced.

Fuse construction.

Essentially a fuse conists of 2 metal end caps that are connected to each other by a metal fuse element. Most fuse elements are enclosed in an insulated non-combustible housing (body). The fuse body is often made of glass or ceramic. Some fuses are sand filled to improve their performance characteristics. The most common end caps are either round (ferrule), metal blades or metal tags.

Picture of a ferrule fuse
Picture of a blade fuse
Picture of a tag fuse

Replacing a fuse.

It is important to switch off power to the circuit before testing or replacing a fuse. Once power is off, the fuse can be removed from the circuit for testing with a multimeter. If the fuse is blown, it must be replaced with a fuse that matches the characteristics of the original to ensure the circuit is fully protected. Learn how to identify a fuse.

Characteristics of a fuse.

The electrical characteristics of a fuse are it's voltage rating, ampere rating and element speed. This information is often printed on the fuse caps or on the fuse body along with the manufacturer brand and part number. Sometimes only some of this information is given on the fuse. To find out more, you would need to consult the manufacturer's datasheet using the part number of series number.

Help! I cant find my fuse on your website?

Finding the right fuse can be difficult due to the huge variety of types, brands and characteristics. We have an extensive cross reference and years of industry experience to help find the right fuse to ensure your equipment is properly protected. In most situations we can provide the exact fuse or a direct equivalent from a different brand. Please contact us if you are unable to find what you are looking for.

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