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Swe-Check is a stockist of OEZ products.

OEZ is a manufacturer and supplier of products and services to suit low-voltage electrical circuits. OEZ has over 80 years of tradition in the development and production of low-voltage breaking devices. They operate in partnership with Siemens and currently have one of the most modern production plants in the Czech Republic. They hold titles for Safe Enterprise and Health Promoting Enterprise awards and involved in the global project EEP (Energy efficiency program) to facilitate employee and environmental responsibilities. Production is monitored and recorded via their Industry 4.0 platform to ensure full product traceability and ongoing manufacturing efficiencies.

We sell the following product ranges supplied by OEZ.

OEZ Fuse Holders

OEZ Fuses

Customer Feedback

" Just my usual feedback for Swe-Check: good prices for quality products with quick shipping; always my first choice for fuses and similar. "

William B
Received 17/7/23

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