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Fuse Tag Styles

A fuse tag is the metal tab extending from the end of a fuse cap.
These tags can extend from the centre of the fuse (centre tag), or the base of the fuse (offset tag).
Tags can be either a solid blade or feature holes or slots for mounting to a holder.

Fuse Tag Diagram Fuse mounted on blocks

Tag Type: Centre Tags

Centre Tag Image

Centre Tag Varieties:

Fuse Tag

Centre Blade Tag

Fuse Tag

Centre Bolted Tag

Fuse Tag

Centre Slotted Tag

Tag Type: Offset Tags

Centre Tag Image

Offset Tag Varieties:

Fuse Tag

Offset Blade Tag

Fuse Tag

Offset Bolted Tag

Fuse Tag

Offset Slotted Tag

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Customer Feedback

" Everything arrived perfectly as ordered, including the extra 36 2amp fuses that I accidently ordered haha. They will get used eventually. I even recieved a call regarding 1 part I ordered making sure that I didnt want the other half which is excellent service. Thank you. "

Clay F
Received 13/3/20

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