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Littelfuse Power Distribution and Circuit Protection

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Swe-Check is an authorised distributor of Littelfuse products.

Shop our range of Littelfuse products online. We stock a range of Littelfuse fuses, fuse holders and more.

Littelfuse, Inc. provides circuit protection products to companies in the areas of over-voltage, over-current and integrated technologies in the automotive, electronics, electrical and silicon segments.

Littelfuse, Inc. was founded in Chicago during the year 1927 by Edward V. Sundt as a fuse manufacturer to serve the electronics market. Sundts original concept was to develop a small fuse that could protect electronic meters from damage during misuse. The electronics business still encompasses the majority of Littelfuses business.

In addition to the electronics business unit, Littelfuse has expanded into the automotive and high power markets. The product portfolio has continued to increase over time to include nearly every kind of device that can be categorized as "circuit protection".

Littelfuse products can be found in virtually every market that uses electrical energy, from consumer electronics to automobiles, commercial vehicles and industrial equipment. Littelfuse has more than 30 sales, manufacturing and engineering facilities.

We sell the following product ranges supplied by Littelfuse.

Littelfuse Fuses

Littelfuse Fuse Holders

Littelfuse Automotive Relays & Relay Holders

Littelfuse Power Distribution Units & Fuse Relay Box

Littelfuse Junction Blocks & Terminal Blocks

Littelfuse Switches & Switch Panels

Littelfuse Fuse Tools, Pullers & Accessories

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