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The Circuit Protection Specialists

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Swe-Check is an authorised Distributor of Hinode products.

Shop our range of Hinode products online. We stock a range of Hinode fuses and fuse holders.

HINODE Electric Co. Ltd. began manufacturing and selling fast acting fuses in 1974. As of today, Hinode produce and supply 23 series’s / 500 types of fuses with different ratings for the circuit protection of semiconductor devices, inverters, UPS, power sources, and so on to our domestic and overseas customers.

Hindoe have been positively received in the market, and the reputation of our products has been growing. Hinode have been able to sell in excess of 10 million pieces to date including products with special specifications, and we believe this illustrates the continuing high quality of our products.

We sell the following product ranges supplied by Hinode.

Hinode Fuses

Hinode Fuse Holders

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