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4 Hole Bolt Down Fuse Size Guide

Bolted Tag fuses with 4 mounting holes in the metal fuse tag.The tags can be either centered or offset.

Fuse picture
Fuse diagram

This size chart is sorted by fixing centre in ascending order. All measurements are based on the above diagram.


Centre 1


Centre 2

Fuse Series /








133 mm 184 mm EFS 315A 415V Centered
134 mm 185 mm EF 400A (Motor rated) TBA Centered
134 mm 185 mm FF / TTM   400V - 550V Centered
134 mm 185 mm GF / TLM   250V - 600V Centered
136 mm 187 mm EF / TM 400A 415V Centered
158 mm 227.8 mm FWH..A 1400A - 1600A 500V Centered
158.9 mm 239.5 mm KRPC 801A to 2000A 300V - 600V Centered
165 mm 228.5 mm GG 1000A to 1250A 250V - 550V Centered
167 mm 231 mm FG / TT   400V - 550V Centered
167 mm 231 mm GG / TLT 710A to 800A 250V - 550V Centered
173.9 mm 243.8 mm FWP..A 1200A 700V Centered
Customer Feedback

" Excellent service again- thank you. Fantastic range of fuses and fuse holders. Ordered Sunday night and arrived Tuesday morning. Products are good quality. Courier is expensive for such a small package but it did come very fast and avoided the pitfalls I often have with Australia Post. "

David K
Received 19/3/19

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