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Environmental Initiatives

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Swe-Check has implemented the following initiatives to offset the environmental impact of our business.

Conserve Energy:
1. Swe-Check has moved to a new office/warehouse that is equipped with solar panels, with surplus power fed back into the grid.
2. Our warehouse roof is fitted with skylights to save energy use.
3. Low power consumption LED lighting is fitted throughout the building.
4. We only turn on the lights and electrical equipment we are using.

Reduction in Office Paper Use:
1. Electronic documents, product literature etc.
2. Use of email communications instead of mail.

1. Recycling of packaging & cardboard boxes.
2. Recycling of toner cartridges & printer consumables.
3. Recycling of all e-waste such as old computers, phones & printers.
4. Recycling of used batteries.

Plastic Waste Reduction:
1. We are shipping more parcels in cardboard boxes to reduce the use of plastic freight satchels.

Environment Conservation
Swe-Check Pty Ltd is proudly supporting WWF-Australia to Regenerate Australia, a bold vision to rehabilitate and restore wildlife and habitats and future-proof Australia against climate disasters. The World Wildlife Fund work with endangered species. Rehabilitate and reforest areas across Australia. Support the work of entrepreneurs, investors and business to promote innovative solutions that will reduce carbon emissions. Provide climate finance solutions to more countries in our region who are struggling from the threats of climate change. Learn about this organisation.

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International Environmental Initiatives

The European Union has legislated several directives focused on environmental protection with regards to electrical or electronic equipment sold within is member states.

These directives are known as:
1. Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)
2. Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

The overall objective of these 2 directives is to promote re-use and recycling of electrical and electronic products in addition to reducing the amount of hazardous substances they contain. Swe-Check is committed to sourcing products that comply with these directives as they become available.

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