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10.3 x 85mm PV Solar Fuses

We sell PV fuses which are specially designed to protect solar installations and measure 10 x 85mm. The short-circuit conditions associated with solar panels do not allow for sufficient current to open a standard fuse in a way that effectively isolates faulted photovoltaic (PV) strings. PV Fuse provide full range of protection that traditional fuses cannot. Once the fuse is blown, the fuse needs to be replaced.

Bussmann PV-A10F85L Fuses 1300V to 1500VDC gPV

Type gPV 1300V to 1500VDC

Customer Feedback

" I am shocked that you actually seem to care. Most companies just argue when their dispatches don’t turn up. Your goods arrived and were perfectly acceptable. Thank you for caring. "

Duane M
Received 20/4/21

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