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Circuit Protection and Power Distribution

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6 x 32mm ceramic fuses (3AB)

We sell 3AB ceramic fuses which measure 6 x 32mm and are designed to interrupt overload currents in a circuit. The ceramic body allows the fuse to interrupt much higher fault currents than a glass body. Once the fuse is blown, the fuse needs to be replaced. They are sometimes manufactured with metal leads attached to the ends of the fuse which allows them to be soldered directly into a printed circuit board.

Customer Feedback

" I don't normally email suppliers with feedback apart from "great work", "well done". I thought that in your case you deserved a personal reply. Having only purchased twice I have been extremely impressed with the timely manner in which the goods were delivered and the additional information that was forthcoming particularly in regards to the last order. This order was activated during your relocation and, additionally, at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Having been involved in Warehousing, Logistics, Distribution and IT Technology I am very aware of the situation when relocations are undertaken and the added stresses that impact the normal day to day operations of businesses. I was quite surprised when your correspondence re: delays in shipment was received as the majority of suppliers would NOT inform customers of possible delays within the supply chain. WELL DONE.

Over the course of around fifteen years I have accessed numerous products from countries such as the U.K, Ireland, Spain, Europe and America due to relative short fulfillment times and economic considerations. Just in time procurements is, I feel, one of the basis of successful operations and for suppliers to strive towards this goal has been one of my personal and commercial endeavours. SWE-Check has, in my opinion, certainly exceeded this expectation. GREAT WORK. The products that I received are quality items and I am very satisfied with and cannot fault in regards to finish and/or pricing. I was considering purchasing the Bussman RFMR unit from an overseas supplier however I made the decision to support Australian business and have not been disappointed.

Navigation of your website is another area in which I was also impressed. The sourcing of products and information is easily accomplished and is refreshing from my viewpoint as the majority of suppliers I have dealt with use "glorified" databases which are often slow and "clunky" and tend to display numerous items that have no relevance to the search input data. Pass on my thanks to the IT person/staff for attaining a really user friendly website. To you and the sales/customer service team, a very well deserved and genuine thankyou for keeping your eye on the ball and again exceeding my expectations. I can only assume that there are various checks and balances in situ that have allowed SWE-Check to prosper over the years and I am certain that the commitment to these processes will ensure the continuation of a superb customer orientated business.

Due to my retirement I may not need to purchase from SWE-Check in the future however I will have no hesitation in recommending you to colleagues and friends. Please pass on my congratulations to all the staff from "the cleaner to the CEO" as each individual is integral to the ongoing success and viability of your enterprise.

Many thanks and in the meantime... Have a great day. "

Derek D
Received 18/11/20

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