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Add-a-circuit (Inline Fuse Holders)

We sell Add-a-Circuit fuse holders which provide a quick and easy way to create an additional fuse protected circuit by tapping into power of an existing fuse. Once connected, the original circuit is protected by the original fuse, the new circuit is protected by a new fuse of your choice. Our range of Add-a-Circuit holders suit most blade fuse varieties. Fuses sold seperately.

Add-A-Circuit Holder for Micro2 fuses

Micro2 fuse 10A max, 32VDC

Add-A-Circuit Holder for Micro3 fuses

Micro3 fuse 10A max, 32VDC

Add-A-Circuit Holder for Low Profile Mini/ATM fuses

Low Profile Mini fuse 10A max, 32VDC

Customer Feedback

" All good - everything SWE-Check wise could not be faulted. Australia Post tracking is slowly improving - but improved tracking just shows that an Express package took well over 24 hours to transit several hundred metres across Perth Airport to a morning flight to Tom Price/ Paraburdoo. Also, their tracking every day keeps saying 'arriving today' when that is clearly impossible. I'm not concerned in this case – the timing was acceptable and not critical, it's more humorous than anything... Thanks for a great job on a very low dollar value consignment. "

George B
Received 19/6/23

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