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BS2692 Fuses for Use in Air

We sell medium voltage ferrule fuses which are designed for use in air, we sell another range of fuses for use in oil filled switchgear. They meet the requirements of British standard BS2692-1. They come in a range of lengths and diameters and feature a pyrotechnic striker pin. We also sell clips to mount this fuse.

Bussmann 7.2BDGHA Fuses

51 x 359mm, 7.2kV

Bussmann 7.2BFGHA Fuses

76 x 359mm, 7.2kV

Bussmann 12BDGHA Fuses

51 x 359mm, 12kV

Bussmann 12BFGHA Fuses

76 x 359mm, 12kV

Bussmann 24ADIHA Fuses

51 x 565mm, 24kV

Bussmann 24AFIHA Fuses

76 x 565mm, 24kV

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" Excellent service and prompt delivery. "

Bruce C
Received 4/4/24

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