The Circuit Protection Specialists

The Circuit Protection Specialists

Bussmann 15310 Power Distribution Unit

We sell Bussmann Non-Bussed Rear Terminal Fuse and Relay (RTMR) power distribution unit with 60 terminal positions. Fit components in any layout you like. Suits Mini fuses, Mini blade circuit breakers, ISO280 Ultra Micro / Micro / Mini Relays, Mini Diodes, Shunts and Resistors. No common power, each terminal is wired seperately for maximum flexibility. Rugged construction, weatherproof.

60 open positions for ISO 280 components
Shallow Cover
for RTMR units to fit fuses only
Tall Cover
for RTMR units to fit fuses, relays, breakers etc

Customer Feedback

" goods received today and all in order. Thanks to all the SWE team for a prompt and accurate delivery and excellent customer service. "

Christopher N
Received 23/7/19

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