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Bussmann RTA Fuse Blocks for ATC/ATO Fuses

We sell Bussmann rear terminal ATC fuse panel (RTA). These fuse panels provide from 8 to 32 fuse protected circuits powered by up to 3 common power inputs. Rugged construction with cover, suits ATO / ATC fuses and bladed circuit breakers.

Bussmann 15710 RTA Fuse Block for ATC/ATO Fuses

ATF/ATC Fuse Blocks 12 - 24 poles 32V

Bussmann 15710 RTA Fuse Block for ATC/ATO Fuses & Breakers

ATF/ATC Fuse & Circuit Breaker Blocks 12 - 24 poles 32V

Deep Covers for Bussmann 15710 RTA Fuse Blocks

Suit Bussmann RTA fuse blocks fitted with circuit breakers

Customer Feedback

" Goods were received in good order and within a few days of placing order. Customer service was excellent, thank you. "

Michael G
Received 23/8/23

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