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CAMaster Fuse Carriers for BS88 Fuses

We sell Bussmann Camaster fuse carriers which can be front or back connected. The fuse is fitted into the fuse carrier and connected to a circuit using 2 external cables connected to the fuse carrier. The carrier is designed to be DIN rail mounted or panel mounted, is gangable and provides easy fuse replacement. These carriers are suitable for NITD, NIT, AAO, TIA, BAO, TIS, OSD and OS BS88 style fuses. We sell a wide range of BS88 fuses to suit.

32A max* (suit NITD / NIT fuses)
32A max (suit AAO / TIA fuses)
63A max (suit BAO / TIS fuses)
100A max (suit OSD / OS fuses)
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Customer Feedback

" Received it, thank you very much. Haven't even opened it yet, it came so quickly :) Very happy with service. "

Georg D
Received 17/7/19

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