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Fuse Bases for BS88 & DIN Ultra Rapid Fuses

We sell fuse blocks designed to be mounted to a surface or panel. The fuse is fitted into the fuse block and connected to a circuit using 2 external cables that are connect to the fuse block. This holder design provides a secure mounting and an easily replaceable fuse. These fuse blocks are designed for mounting a DIN or BS88 ultra rapid fuse. We sell a wide range of DIN and BS88 ultra rapid fuses to suit.

Customer Feedback

" I mentioned at the counter how easy it was to get to the pick up point and that I had several restoration projects requiring uncommon fuses so I will definitely be a returning customer. The fuse bible I picked up there is very handy as well. Thank you for an excellent and pleasant experience. "

Tony P
Received 7/2/23

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