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Fuse Blocks & Bases for Midi Fuses

Our MIDI Fuse Holders and Fuse Blocks are designed for mounting a MIDI fuse to a surface or panel.

Our fuse holders are manufactured by brands such as Bussman, Littelfuse and MTA whom are known for their superior quality and reliablility. We also sell a full range of MIDI fuses to suit these fuse holders.

200A/400A max*, 1 to 6 poles, screw mount
125A max, screw mount 32VDC
200A max, intnernal screw mount 32VDC
200A max, external screw mount 32VDC
Midi Fuse block with cover (gangable)

What are MIDI Fuse Holders and Blocks for?

The MIDI fuse holder provides a dual pupose of creating a secure electrical connection between the electrical cables of your circuit and the fuse, as well as providing a mounting point for the MIDI fuse in your installation. Use of a holder makes it is easy to replace a blown fuse.

To use; screw the fuse holder or base onto a surface, fit the MIDI fuse to the fuse block studs followed by the 2 external cables. Screw the nuts onto the studs and tighten to secure the fuse and cables inside the block.

For more information on any of the specific MIDI fuse holders, read their unique product datasheets, or get in touch with one of our experts.
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" Yes goods have been received within time allotted. Packaging was intact and service was great! Will be highly recommending for any future needs. "

Thao N
Received 26/9/19

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