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Fuse Blocks & Bases for NH Fuses

We sell fuse blocks designed to be mounted to a surface or panel. The fuse is fitted into the fuse block and connected to a circuit using 2 external cables that are connect to the fuse block. This holder design provides a secure mounting and an easily replaceable fuse. These fuse blocks are designed for mounting an NH blade fuse. We sell a wide range of NH blade fuses to suit.

SD00-D (Size 000 / 00)
Single Pole 160A max, 690VAC
TD00-D (Size 000 / 00)
Three Pole 160A max, 690VAC
SB1-D (Size 1)
Single Pole 250A max, 690VAC
SD1-D (Size 1)
Single Pole 250A max, 690VAC
SD1-D-PV (Size 1)
Single Pole 250A max, 690VAC/1500VDC
TD1-D (Size 1)
Three Pole 250A max, 690VAC
SB2-D (Size 2)
Single Pole 400A max, 690VAC
SD2-D (Size 2)
Single Pole 400A max, 690VAC
SD2-D-PV (Size 2)
Single Pole 400A max, 690VAC/1500VDC
TD2-D (Size 2)
Three Pole 400A max, 690VAC
SB3-D (Size 3)
Single Pole 630A max, 690VAC
SD3-D (Size 3)
Single Pole 630A max, 690VAC
SD3-D-PV (Size 3)
Single Pole 630A max, 690VAC/1500VDC
TD3-D (Size 3)
Three Pole 630A max, 690VAC
SD4-S (Size 4)
Single Pole 1250A max, 690VAC
SD4-S1600 (Size 4)
Single Pole 1600A max, 690VAC
IP20 Protection Parts
Suit SD/TD NH 3 Pole Fuse Blocks

Customer Feedback

" The package arrived very quickly, I am very happy with the product. However, to be honest, I would have preferred a slower low cost postage option. I am only tinkering with my personal car, not a business, so paying half of the total cost in postage and then copping a surcharge to make the $30 minimum order was something I did very reluctantly. I spent a lot of time on your website trying to find something else to buy at the same time so I could save on shipping and not cop a minimum order surcharge but there was nothing I really need right now. "

Chris H
Received 14/6/19

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