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Fuse Carriers for 10 x 38mm Fuses

We sell fuse carriers designed for mounting to a DIN rail. The fuse is fitted into the fuse carrier and connected to a circuit using 2 external cables connected to the fuse carrier. This holder design provides a secure mounting and an easily replaceable fuse. These carriers are designed for mounting a 10 x 38mm fuse. We sell a wide range of 10 x 38mm fuses to suit.

Bussmann CHM Fuse Carriers for 10x38mm fuses

32A max 690VAC, 30A max 600VDC

ETI EFD 10 Fuse Carriers for 10x38mm fuses

32A max 690VAC / 30A max 600VDC

ETI PCF 10 DC Fuse Carriers for 10x38mm fuses

32A max at 690VAC / 25A max at 1000VDC

ETI Fuse Carrier Accessories

Insulated Busbar Comb for multiple poles

Adler BH100 Fuse Carriers for 10x38mm fuses

32A max at 1000VDC, 30A max at 1100VDC

Customer Feedback

" I am happy to confirm that the goods arrived 2 days ago, hence shipping time was just fine for this application. Goods were well packed and parcel arrived all in tact. Customer support was very good thank you. Richard was quick to respond and provided all information necessary. Overall, very happy with the experience, thank you. "

Robert F
Received 26/7/23

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