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Hazardous Area Fuses

We sell Hazrdous Area Fuses which are designed to be used in applications such as gas plants, petrochemical industries etc. where there is a risk of explosion from faulty circuits. Should the fuse blow, it is hermatically sealed and designed to not create an arc that could risk an explosion. Once the fuse is blown, it needs to be replaced.

Littelfuse 259 Fuse Safe-T-Plus

Safe-T-Plus, PCB Mount 125VAC/VDC

Littelfuse 242 Fuse Barrier Network

Barrier Network, Surface Mount 250VAC/VDC

Littelfuse 242 Fuse Barrier Network PCB

Barrier Network, PCB Mount 250VAC/VDC

Customer Feedback

" Just my usual feedback for Swe-Check: good prices for quality products with quick shipping; always my first choice for fuses and similar. "

William B
Received 17/7/23

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