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Inline Fuse Holders for JCase Fuses

We sell inline fuse holders which feature a fuse mounted inside the holder body which is then connected to a circuit using 2 external cables that are wired to the holder. This flexible design provides an easily replaceable and insulated fuse with no requirement to mount the fuse to a fixed panel or circuit board. These holders are designed for mounting a JCase PAL fuse. We sell a wide range of JCase PAL fuses to suit in both standard and low profile.

Littelfuse FHJC1002 Fuse Holder for JCase fuses

Cable tie mount 60A max, 58VDC (with cover)

Littelfuse FHJC2002 Fuse Holder for JCase fuses

Screw mount 60A max, 58VDC (with cover)

Customer Feedback

" All good - service excellent - as always. Have recommended your organisation to man others looking for similar. "

Lindsay D
Received 24/3/23

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