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Mechanical Products Series 19 Circuit Breaker (like Klixon 7855 series)

We sell Mechanical Products Series 19 circuit breakers which are weatherproof and designed for panel mounting. The advantage of using a circuit breaker is that it can be reset if there is an overload in the circuit where as a fuse must be replaced. These circuit breakers feature a manual reset button with stud or screw type terminals. The wider mounting bracket matches the Klixon 7855-6 circuit breaker.

Like Klixon 7855-6 Circuit Breaker

Manual Reset, 30VDC, wide mounting bracket, 1/4 inch studs

Like Klixon 7855-7 Circuit Breaker

Automatic Reset, 30VDC, wide mounting bracket, 1/4 inch studs

Customer Feedback

" We received everything and it was excellent. Have a good day. "

Nicolas S
Received 22/2/23

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