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Mechanical Products Series 24 Circuit Breakers

We sell Mechanical Products Series 24 switchable circuit breakers function as an On-Off power switch with inbuilt circuit protection. So you can switch the circuit on or off and in the event of an overload, the inbuilt circuit breaker will switch off the circuit. The advantage of using a circuit breaker is that it can be reset if there is an overload in the circuit where as a fuse must be replaced. This compact unit features quick connect terminals and several rocker switch options.

Mechanical Products Series 24 Switch/Breaker (2410-100)

Manual Reset (On/Off Switchable), 250VAC/50VDC, Black I/O (non-lit) switch

Mechanical Products Series 24 Switch/Breaker (2410-102)

Manual Reset (On/Off Switchable), 10V to 14VDC, Red illuminated Switch

Customer Feedback

" As always the service of your team was fantastic. I did not order all the components of the fuse block wanted as I already had them, however, your team held the order and contacted me immediately advising that there were more parts needed to make up the assembly (and provided the relevant part numbers and required quantities). I thought this was a great service as those not familiar with the process or the items could be left short and have to further wait for the additional parts. Keep an eye out as there will be more orders coming!! "

Stuart E
Received 7/6/23

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