The Circuit Protection Specialists

The Circuit Protection Specialists

Morsettitalia End Plates & Stops for DIN Rails

We sell a variety of end plates and a stop bracket designed for use with our range of Morsettitalia terminal blocks. The end plates are used to cover the electrical internals of a terminal block and the stop bracket prevents one or more terminal blocks sliding on the DIN rail.

End Stop for Morsettitalia DIN Rail Fuse Carrier
1.5mm End Plate for 43408 & 43409 Wiring Blocks
1.5mm End Plate for 43401 Wiring Blocks
1.5mm End Plate for 435 Fuse Carrier
3mm End Plate for 435 Fuse Carrier

Customer Feedback

" Very fast response/delivery times! "

Received 11/7/19

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