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Morsettitalia End Plates & Stop Brackets for DIN Rails

We sell a variety of end plates and a stop bracket designed for use with our range of Morsettitalia terminal blocks. The end plates are used to cover the electrical internals of a terminal block and the stop bracket prevents one or more terminal blocks sliding on the DIN rail.

Morsettitalia 43444 Din Rail End Stop Bracket

End Stop for Morsettitalia DIN Rail Fuse Carrier

Morsettitalia 43010 End Plate (1.5mm)

1.5mm End Plate for 43408 & 43409 Wiring Blocks

Morsettitalia 43011 End Plate (1.5mm)

1.5mm End Plate for 43401 Wiring Blocks

Morsettitalia 43585 End Plate (1.5mm)

1.5mm End Plate for 435 Fuse Carrier

Morsettitalia 4358630 End Plate (3mm)

3mm End Plate for 435 Fuse Carrier

Customer Feedback

" Arrive in time and fitted and working. Good service as usual. "

Chris S
Received 23/8/23

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