The Circuit Protection Specialists

The Circuit Protection Specialists

Morsettitalia Jumpers for Terminal Blocks

We sell a variety of jumpers for use with our range of Morsettitalia terminal blocks. The jumpers are used to transfer electrical power from one block across multiple blocks as a common connection to save on electrical wiring.

Insulated 24 Pole Jumper for 43408 Block
Insulated 24 Pole Jumper for 43409 Block
Insulated 12 Pole Jumper for 435 Fuse Carrier
Insulated 24 Pole Jumper for 43401 Block

Customer Feedback

" This transaction was my first purchase from an overseas vendor. It seemed to be a pretty efficient process. The customer service response was excellent and very much appreciated. I love working with vendors who make my job easy. Thank you!! "

Danielle H
Received 13/8/19

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