The Circuit Protection Specialists

The Circuit Protection Specialists

Neutral BS88 Fuse Links

We sell neutral fuse links which can be inserted into a fuse holder in place of a BS88 style fuse. This changes the circuit from a fuse protected one into a non-fuse protected circuit.

BS88 Neutral Fuse Link (NSD / NS Size)
BS88 Neutral Fuse Link (ESD / ES Size)
BS88 Neutral Fuse Link (NITD / NIT Size)
BS88 Neutral Fuse Link (AAO / TIA Size)
BS88 Neutral Fuse Link (BAO / OSD / TIS / OS Size)

Customer Feedback

" Order received well packed and in good condition. The service I received was so good I have already started telling friends to check you out. "

Royce M
Received 11/2/19

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