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Neutral Cartridge Fuse Links

We sell neutral fuse links which can be inserted into a fuse holder in place of a cartridge fuse. This changes the circuit from a fuse protected one into a non-fuse protected circuit.

5x20mm Neutral Fuse Link
6x32mm Neutral Fuse Link
10x38mm Neutral Fuse Link
14x51mm Neutral Fuse Link
22x58mm Neutral Fuse Link

Customer Feedback

" I would like to pass on my gratitude and thanks for the work of Megan. Megan went out of her way to make sure I received my order in time for an upcoming trip. Megan did this out of her own initiative without me asking. I really appreciate the above and beyond attitude to ensure I received the items before my trip. I cannot find the words to show my appreciation of this excellent experience. "

Lachlan M
Received 24/6/19

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