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PCB Mount Micro Fuses

We sell PCB Mount Micro Fuses which feature 2 metal leads that can either be soldered into a printed circuit board, or the fuse can be plugged into a small fuse holder which is soldered to the printed circuit board instead of the fuse. This allows easy fuse replacement. These fuses are designed to protect a circuit from a fault current and once they are blown they need to be replaced.

Littelfuse 272 Fuses

Metal Cap, Very Fast Acting 125VAC/VDC

Littelfuse 273 Fuses

Plastic Cap, Very Fast Acting 125VAC/VDC

Micro Fuse Fast Acting 250V

Fast Acting 250VAC

Micro Fuse Slow Acting 250V

Slow Acting 250VAC

Micro Fuse Slow Acting 250V Compact Body

Compact Body, Slow Acting 250VAC

Customer Feedback

" Happy with product(s) and customer service. Just Aus post didn't deliver second delivery and there was no notification that it was at the post office. "

Matt D
Received 25/11/22

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